User’s Guide
to the Brain

Written by Michael Badnarik

[The following information is excerpted from my book, Philosophical Lighthouse.]

Philosophy is your comprehensive view of the universe. Your understanding of the world around you, that you use subconsciously, every moment of the day, to make all the decisions in your life.

Because you are alive, you will eventually die. Making bad decisions, like smoking or stepping in front of a bus, could bring about a premature end to the life that you cling to.

If you could, wouldn’t you choose to make correct decisions 100% of the time? Or at least as close to 100% as a rational person could expect?

Our philosophy guides, not what we think, but how we think. If you find yourself struggling to solve problems and wondering if you are jinxed, you are probably operating with an inconsistent philosophy. That is to say, there are good philosophies and bad philosophies. I’m hoping this book will help you find a better one than the one you currently have.

I will paraphrase a genuine radio conversation involving a US aircraft carrier and Spanish authorities. (I recommend that you visit and search for a video labeled “Radio conversation between US and Spain”. It is much funnier than my short synopsis.)

[Spain] We are on a collision course. Please adjust your heading 15 degrees north.
[Navy] Negative. You adjust your course 15 degrees north.
[Spain] Negative. We must insist that you change your course 15 degrees north to avoid collision.
[Navy] Negative. We are a United States aircraft carrier with the most advanced weapons systems aboard. We insist that you change your course 15 degrees north, or we will be required to take offensive action.
[Spain] We’re a lighthouse, and we’re not moving. Your call.
[long radio silence]
[Navy] Adjusting our course 15 degrees north.

As I see it, most people are living their life on a collision course with trauma, heartbreak, and perhaps even disaster. I am offering my services as your lighthouse.

[End of book excerpt]

Most people are unaware that they even have a philosophy. It’s as if they set the cruise control on the car, then crawl into the back seat for a nap. The car may be moving, but I seriously doubt that it’s going in the direction that will make your life better. I studied philosophy rigorously for three and a half years. I can teach you to be much more efficient when you make decisions, as I have done successfully for a number of people. There are two wonderful testimonials from previous clients at the bottom of my services page.

If you are interested in learning more, simply schedule a free fifteen-minute interview on my Calendly page. I will begin by explaining the five levels of philosophy: metaphysics, epistemology; ethics; politics; and aesthetics. If you’re still interested, we can schedule a series of consultations that will begin to change your life for the better. Understanding philosophy is like a tune-up for your brain. Not only will you get “better mileage” from your daily decisions, you’ll also avoid many of the potholes that life tends to throw at us.

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