Mentor with Michael

Michael offers counseling and advice for growing leaders, freedom-seekers, and anyone looking to expand their knowledge base. Count on Michael any time you need reliable answers, trusted guidance, or a friend to lean on.

  • Remove obstacles 

  • Grow your skills

  • Get guidance for your big project

  • Plan your next career move

  • Gain a consistent philosophy

  • Make better decisions

How Michael Helps Individuals Overcome Challenges

First 15 mins Free

You can consult me on anything… and your first 15 minutes are free.  

Leading by example is a rare trait and Michael Badnarik is a rare leader who walks the talk.

Todd McGreevy


Mentoring & Consulting

Hourly: Looking for some fast guidance? Get quick answers to the most pressing questions you are currently facing. Learn More

Weekly: Ideal for those in need of project guidance or those looking to gain proficiency in a particular skill or subject. 

Monthly: Advice from Michael on whatever you need, whenever you need it. Perfect for upcoming candidates, growing leaders, and aspiring Polymaths.

Accountability Meetings

Have you been struggling to stick to your goals? Michael will keep you accountable by checking in with you each week to make sure you are doing what you say you’re going to do when you say you’re going to do it. Warning: This guy doesn’t hold back any punches!  


Dinner and stimulating conversation

 I spend the day making my mother’s famous spaghetti sauce.  Two or three couples arrive at my apartment at 6:00pm for a fantastic Italian dinner, followed by conversation about any topic the group decides to investigate.  At midnight the “restaurant” closes, and I send you home with left-overs… assuming there are any.

Skills & Subjects of Proficiency


Considered a master of all trades, Michael teaches a wide variety of skills and subjects – too many to list here. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, contact Michael to find out how he can help.

“I can help you learn just about anything.”

Michael Badnarik

Philosophy & Science


  • Your understanding of the world around you
  • Astronomy & the universe
  • Oceanography
  • Chemistry
  • Nuclear Power

Communication & Technology  

  • Effectively sharing an idea through speaking or writing
  • Computer basics – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, understanding file types


  • The Constitution
  • Civil Rights
  • Gun Laws
  • Limited Government
  • Taxes
  • Individual Freedom
  • Declaring Your Independence

Outdoors & More

  • Sailing – monohull sailboats up to 50′ long
  • Shooting – pistols and sniper rifles
  • Swimming – former Water Safety Instructor Trainer and Olympic-class swimmer
  • Camping – orienteering (using topographical maps), shelters, building fires, trapping food, finding water
  • Cooking – indoors or outdoors (ask me about my mother’s recipes!)

Gun Coaching

  • Gun Show visit with Michael
  • Gun Range visit with Michael
  • Personal coaching (1 or 2 people)
  • Group Training (10 to 15 people)



What People Are Saying

Michael has the knowledge, experience and the Right Message that makes a lasting, positive impression on all who hear him speak. I recommend him wholeheartedly to any group of people who are struggling with the fundamental questions of “Where is America headed,” and “How can we steer her back to a course of integrity and prosperity?” Contact Michael and bring him out to speak with your group — you will be glad you did!

Larry Graves


Michael’s educational focus continues to have a longer lasting impact on more people than I’m sure even he realizes. Instead of concentrating on the often-impossible task of ‘convincing’ another to advocate for a particular perspective, or what is the true meaning of important documents, Michael relied on the power of explaining why HE was so convinced.

Ernest Hancock


Michael is a powerful and entertaining teacher. His success is due in part to his immense patience. And it’s also because of his innate ability to paint mental pictures that guide us students to further understand what previously evaded us.


Todd McGreevy


It is because of Michael Badnarik’s extraordinary teaching, that I place such a high value on having a consistent philosophy. I find that in maintaining a consistent philosophy, I can powerfully be true to myself, while bringing balance and even reconciliation, to that which opposes my viewpoint. His emphasis on the worth of having a consistent philosophy does not demand that you agree or align with him on all things, only that your actions are consistent within your own fundamental principles. The vast root system of Michael’s teaching mastery is incomparable, and qualifies him to teach practically anything. He never makes his students feel “dumb”, and has the wisdom and patience to meet them exactly where they are in their learning process. I recommend that anyone desiring to strengthen their life commitments, take the step to clarify and expand their philosophical borders, by studying with Michael Badnarik. No matter how much you think you know, prepare to be challenged!

Leah LaChapelle

Author and personal evolution coach

Most of my life, I have dealt with fear. 
Michael … helped me to think through the problem. A great quote in his book that stuck with me was, “By focusing on the consequences of failure instead of the task at hand, we generate a fear of what could happen. That fear typically prevents us from taking action.”
I had been struggling with overthinking and not taking action steps to combat my fearfulness in a tangible way.
I started to think of failure as not something to fear and to embrace it. The more I have taken action, the better I have done. In fact, in July of 2019 a couple of months after talking to Michael, I went zip lining at a mountain resort in the Northeast of America, and it was exhilarating! There was no fear whatsoever! I let him know of this victory, and of my intention to meet fear head on, and continue to focus on success. He celebrated my victory with me. If my mind wanders to fear- I now easily disarm that false narrative with right action.

Pamela A. Batchelder

Consulting client