Philosophical Lighthouse: Reality vs Fantasy

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3 reviews for Philosophical Lighthouse: Reality vs Fantasy

  1. Dee Leger

    Philosophy was boring before reading Michael Badnarik’s view of it. He brings love of Science and knowledge to the forefront of our being. Even overly religious folks can understand and become part of those guided by this Philosophical Lighthouse!

  2. Joshua Hogarth (verified owner)

    Just finished Michael’s book, it was such a great read, it was enlightening and a fun read. I enjoyed the humor, and most of all I appreciate how well you teach, and explain your thoughts and ideas in a way that is very clear and concise. You are a wealth of knowledge and wisdom, I’m impressed with what you have accomplished and an inspiration for me to keep pursuing education/learning/adventures/living. Thank you!

  3. Joel (verified owner)

    Philosophical Lighthouse lays a foundation for the subject of philosophy and adds Michael’s flair and insight to keep it interesting and to challenge the reader. The anecdotes and easy to understand language make the underlying philosophy exciting and accessible. The hard challenge of the book is not in its content, so much as in the way it forces the reader to examine their own thinking and philosophy. By the end of the book, one cannot help but feel either very certain of of cherished convictions, or that existing mentality now requires serious reconsideration. Philosophical Lighthouse is ultimately the beacon that its title implies, providing guidance that cuts trough the noise that clouds the journey of life. Highly recommended.

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