Michael Badnarik 1954-2022

Written by Michael Badnarik

[This was posted by Michael before his inevitable demise.
A close friend has promised to post a final message after Michael is gone.]

This is Michael. I’m not dead yet… but I probably will be before too long.

I assume that you were shocked and stunned to think I was dead. You should not be shocked to realize that I too am mortal. Knowing that I am still breathing will give you several days or weeks to consider the fact that you will soon have to navigate your lives without me. That should make it less of a surprise when I’m finally gone.

The day I was born, someone crass like me, might have said, “You know that baby is going to die someday.” While it might be true, nobody wants to think that when they see a baby in a blanket. Everyone wants to hear, “Oh, he’s so cute! He’s got his father’s eyes.” When I was thirty, I had become a Scoutmaster, and I had my boys in a small forest for a weekend camping trip. When they tried to relight the campfire at midnight I ran out of my tent and yelled at them… using the same words my father used to yell at me. “Oh, no! I’ve become my father!” At thirty years old in a dark forest, that comes as a bit of a shock. As I’ve grown older, I consider any comparison to my father a huge compliment. An old girlfriend used to complain, “You’re just like your father!”, to which I would respond, “You say that like it’s a bad thing!”

That night I realized that I had a past. I used to be a Boy Scout, but that was many years ago. If you have a past, you also have a future. That future is limited and finite. Nobody lives forever. From that day on I have lived my life as if today could be my last. I have “grabbed for all the gusto”, living my life on afterburners, jumping from one adventure into the next. I’ve been scuba diving with sharks, jumped out of “perfectly good airplanes”, ran for President of the United States and for Congress. The only thing I’ve never done are recreational drugs. We often say, “I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it”. And now it seems I’ve reached the entrance to my last bridge.

My spirits are high. I have absolutely no regrets. There is nothing on my bucket list that I have not accomplished… in style. If it is possible to have lived a perfect life, I have done it.

A friend of mine is hosting a birthday party for me on August 6th. It will be my 68th birthday. It will also be my last. Assuming I was still the “life” of the party, I will post a review of who attended and what kind of fun we had. Please do not mourn my death. Instead, celebrate the wonderful life I lived. If you are going to remember me, please remember me as a man of honor and integrity.

Feel free to leave comments below
I’m honored that our paths have crossed. I am a better person for our conversations over the past few weeks. Recording the podcast to archive your thoughts was an honor. With love, Greg Boulden
Leaving the links here for those who want to hear him and his spoken thoughts on the Constitution and his life’s work.
America Out Loud Part 1
America Out Loud Part 2

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  1. Gus kougianos

    Michael my man ! I don’t know what you have but you should give MMS miracle mineral solution I shot it has saved thousands of lives with thousands of testimonials please feel free to write back to me so I’m a try to help you. I am 54 years old and a 20 years old I had non-Hodgkin’s lymph Alma which the doctors gave me one month to live I changed my diet and here I am today and you can do the same don’t give up whatever you have everything can be reversed

    • Ellen

      I second that! There are many remedies, solutions, cures that have been withheld from we, the people, by the demons who are doing their utmost to rule every aspect of our lives and relegate us to mud huts–if they don’t succeed in killing us outright, which is ongoing.

  2. Tom H


    It was an honor to be considered to be your campaign manager for 2004.

    Blue Skies!

    Tom H

  3. Ellen

    Yes, we all must die at some point. The question is, to me, what have we done with our lives during that time of moving and breathing? At some point, one realizes that, indeed, life is not all about oneself; there are much larger issues, questions to be examined. How we then proceed becomes the way we’re perceived and then, remembered. Your public life, Michael, has been one of truth-telling, education, and awakening others to some of the larger questions of our time. That puts you in a class of a relatively small number of people.

    Yes, I was saddened to think that you had left this world. You will leave very big shoes to fill when you do leave.

  4. Gregory

    Thank you for introducing me to Liberitarian path in 2004 elections. You will be greatly missed.

    • Rich Tyra II

      RIP Michael, thanks for all the knowledge you shared your now in a better place

  5. Carolyn Kadlec Flynn

    Okay, but what’s going on? You’ve teased the question. Don’t make us wait for a real obituary to get the answer.

  6. Jim Comorote

    Oh no. I’m truly sorry to read this. After all, I have just now found you! I saw you onstage as a guest of Robert Scott Bell at the 4th Annual Advanced Medicine Conference in San Antonio this past May. I very much enjoyed your talk, and enjoyed the fact that you were strapped (packing heat) while delivering it. It made your “you bring your needle and I’ll bring my .45” joke that much more impactful.

    I didn’t pull the trigger (sorry) on buying your book, but I guess I should get to it pretty quick based on what you wrote above. While I did think that your size was a little unusual for a health conference speaker, your talk was inspiring! I even found a great Constitutional Basics course for my homeschooler. And yes, I need to grab your book too.

    Are things really that close to an end? While I love the fact that your signing off with no regrets, I can’t help but think that there’s so much you can do for yourself. So much for you to still do, if you wanted to. I mean, what was the rest of the health conference for anyway? There’s a lot of good stuff out there… and you can fix just about anything. Maybe you just need some help? I’d love to help you, or find someone to help you – again, if you wanted to. Only 68? Is it too late? I don’t know anything about you or about anything really, but too many good people leave way too early in my opinion.

    I’d like to see you up at Gary Null’s retreat, getting your health back on track, and finding the next big thing for you. But that’s what I want.

    Glad I got to see you onstage doing your thing. Thanks for the inspiration, humor, and point-blank practical advice. If you feel like reaching out, please do.


  7. Tara

    Dear Michael,
    I did not like the headline of this article. It gave me quite a start. Being 68 is not that old. Your father lived into his nineties, correct? He just went to Heaven, what, a year and half ago? Please do not throw in the towel. You are much too young.
    As far as being remembered as a man of honor and integrity that is a given but also humorous, brilliant, gifted, generous,
    kind, witty, and a myriad of other adjectives which shall be saved for a much later time. I cannot accept this will be your last birthday. Please contact Gus the man who has some minerals from the above post. I too have a few remedies depending on what is being navigated. Please live long and prosper. Shalom upon you, nothing missing, nothing broken. All is well.
    Please let us know what is going on so we can fix it.

    • Daniel Broome

      I am married to my dream girl.
      You know her very well.
      Her name is Louise from Bakersfield.
      Had it not been for you and others who took the time to care for her during her time of need, there is no telling whether she would have truly survived.
      And I wouldn’t have had the rarest of opportunities to be married to the one that God truly meant for me.
      I thank you so very much for your kindness and thoughtfulness in helping Louise through her trials.
      I have always wanted to meet you and thank you face to face but I have failed miserably in that endeavor.
      You are a blessing to so many people, even those you have never met.
      May God bless you and keep you.
      May his face shine upon you and give you peace.
      In His Service,

  8. rob jacobs

    Naturally you have already selected someone you trust enough to pull the plug if/and/or/when it becomes necessary.

    Brothers In Liberty Forever!

  9. James Oliver

    I am not going to start out my reply with WTF ! But Michael , pardon me , What the Hack !? you don’t have permission to leave just yet ! Did you get the Vax ? Thats the only thing killing folks besides 9mm and .45’s Have you not used Olive Leaf Extract for your immune system ? Cancer ? Floressence Tea.. or just graze on Sheep Sorrel or Purslane ..Oxcyllic acid kills cancer cells. JFK’s Dr. Brouschi used it in his clinic and …Whats going On ? Mike ? You are freaking me out !

  10. Kathryn

    I love you Michael

  11. Dee Ann

    My dearest, friend, instructor, conversation partner, fellow Leo and first born, I will miss everything about you and our friendship. May the energy captured in your physical body fly wild and free when no longer strapped to the Earth.

  12. Jim

    Michael, thank you for the inspirational life you have lived, and for sharing it with us via the interweb. I for one have a changed perspective of this nation after watching your videos and following your emails. When the time comes, i am sure you will cross that bridge with the dignity of a warrior! God bless.

  13. James Oliver

    Michael ! I just got the headsup from Steve and Celeste . Olive Leaf Extract is awesome for the old ticker ,too ! I have tried every brand and they all work awesomely for the Corazon ! Thins the blood ,strengthens the immune system…..It’s from the “Tree of Life ” Cheap too ! Cheers old boy.. ! Get going ! Nada to lose !

  14. Veronica Deevers

    What a blessing it is to know you.
    Our Founding Fathers have been gone a long time now. But, oh…what they gave us, eh? As time marched on and the promises kept to ‘destroy America from within’ became more vivid each day, there were those who picked up the sword of truth and freedom and swung it with all their might. You are one of those men.
    What an honor to have met you and remain in contact after taking your impressive Constitution Class (also found on youtube and other sources) when you came to my area some years ago. It was one of the greatest thrills of my life; truly it was and still is and always will be until my own final breath. Your books & writings will live on, all videos will live on.
    The way I see this, is that when you arrive on the other side, you’ll be talking with our Founders, who will be sharing their stories and they’ll say “What did you do with your time on Earth?” And you’ll say “Well, let me tell you…. I went scuba diving with sharks, jumped out of “perfectly good airplanes”, ran for President of the United States and for Congress and I taught classes on everything you gave us. And along the way, I met some pretty darn good people who appreciate all of you as much as I do.” And in the background, a booming voice will say “Well done, good and faithful servant.”
    See you on the other side, Michael. I will miss you when you depart (provided you leave before I do). But only for a little while. There are no goodbyes. Only farewells.
    They say we leave here with nothing. I say no, that’s not true. You are loved and you get to take that with you.

  15. Diane Kitchell

    I selfishly regret that I never had the opportunity to actually shake your hand, look you in the eye, and say “Well done, good sir! You have my gratitude and respect abundant.”
    I feel privileged and grateful to have shared earth time with you. I very much appreciate your time for those few phone calls. So many have learned so very much from you. And will continue to learn from you. Outstanding.
    Fair winds and following seas, my un-met friend.

  16. John Kevitz

    Dear Michael,

    Well, this is some disheartening news today, which is my birthday. We celebrate life and yet mourn the future loss of a man who relentlessly fought for Liberty. You changed and educated the minds of thousands, and the millions, to come. Without a doubt, your work was never done in vain and will be read, viewed, and absorbed for generations to come.

    Michael, I know your work will live long after you or I leave this earth, which is a testament to the good works you’ve provided. Unfortunately, many men and women aren’t fully recognized for their dutiful work until after their passing. However, once the light of illumination is turned on in the minds of men, what was once considered archaic or maniacal becomes acceptable, understandable, and wise once again. You’ve laid the foundation for generations to come, so they too can understand the founding principles of our united States.

    Thank you for your hours of study, planning, and explanation of our founding documents in so many different forms. Thank you for not stopping when all seemed lost and the spirit of discouragement was upon you. Thank you for never relenting and keeping the hope of Liberty and freedom alive even when you struggled to continue the fight.

    And even though the times we live in can appear to be less than encouraging for the cause of Liberty, let us remember the famous saying, “Things are always darkest before the dawn.” You and I may not see the dawn of Liberty arise again to its full potential in our futures, but because of the work you have so dutifully supplied to a wreckless people, rest assured that your work will once again help restore what has been lost.

    You’ve far surpassed the question of whether or not you are a man of honor and integrity. You are and will be considered forever and always a leader and a mentor not only to this generation but to many generations to come. Be confident that your contribution to the cause of Liberty will never be forgotten, and, in fact, will play a large part in the restoration of American Liberty in the future.

    God speed, my friend, and one day when the Lord decides to call me home, I hope to shake the hand of a man who sacrificed so much that others could learn to be free.

    John Kevitz

    In the year of our Lord,
    Tuesday, July 26th, 2022, A.D.

  17. William Crafton


    Thank you so much for being a true patriot and gentleman scholar! No one I know could have had the insight to produce such an outstanding constitution class and to attempt to educate “we the people” and make us aware of what is being taken away from us. Or what we are giving away without realizing it. Thank you!

    Best Regards,
    William Crafton

    Don’t be dismayed at goodbyes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again, after moments of lifetime, is certain for those who are friends.
    ~Richard Bach

  18. Gayle Wilkerson

    Hey Michael, I’m still out of the country. Will be back soon. We will talk when I get back. Remember, live everyday to the fullest.

  19. Jennifer Schulz

    Hello Dear,
    Don’t listen to anyone -you can leave whenever you like. I will see you on the other side, whatever that may be. We will dance. I’m not sure if I will ever have the guts that you do. I grew up scared. I am a scaredy-cat. I have done a few things, but not like you. Not being afraid is an admirable quality, and I will remember that in you. I will always have that great photo of us in Charlotte at the restaurant dressed all fancy when you came to teach your Constitution class.

  20. Chicodoodoo

    Your eight-hour video course on the U.S. Constitution was how I became acquainted with you many years ago. You enriched my life with that course, and I am very grateful to have had you as a valued teacher. You are only 5 months older than me, and I am sad to learn you are checking out at such a young age. People who made the world a better place simply because they were here are the people I truly miss when they are gone. You are one such person. I’m glad I could tell you that before you go. Bon voyage, and many thanks for sharing your wisdom and insights with me and so many others.

  21. Kate

    Thank you for all the good times, blue skies brother.

    • Joy

      Wind in your sails!

  22. Deb "Rabbitt" Wuebben

    Michael, I was sad to think you’ve come so far and done so much for your life to end (what I think) is early. You were a big brother to me when I needed it and then a good friend, camping was always an adventure with you and you were a great roommate when needed. My thoughts go back to many years ago and trying to keep track of you hasn’t been easy along the way but I have, many connections, LOL. My heart feels for you and I know you’ve made peace with it all, not sure I have, as I enter this age of more life behind than ahead, but I try so hard to live life to it’s fullest, sometimes too much crammed in one day but enjoying the ride along the way. I have many great memories of you, your brothers and your parents, our lives crossed paths and I’m grateful for that, you’ve given me so much to think about at times as I follow your posts. Happy early Birthday, I sure wish I could be at your party, I’ll be flying back from Florida on the 5th after spending 10 days with the grands. Life has treated me well and I’m blessed. I’m very blessed to have you and Alan in my life and I love you and wish you much peace and happiness in these last few days/weeks/months. Fly high and touch the sky, you’ve always reached for it, now it’s here! I will always love you!

  23. Valerie Ribecky

    Dear Michael,
    It is sad to hear you think you don’t have much time left to live. Why do you think this Aug 1st will be your last birthday? Let us know what’s wrong. Maybe one of your readers will know of a remedy whether it’s conventional or not. I hope whatever is ailing you is not causing pain & suffering. It has been an honor to have spoken with you on the phone a couple of times. Once after reading one of your books & the other after taking your Constitution course on Zoom. I was looking forward to taking the Advanced Constitution Course you had considered developing. Is that course in a book form that I somehow missed? I would have loved to meet you in person so I could treat you to dinner out some place you enjoy to thank you for all you have taught me. But alas, I live in Florida & you are in Texas. Know that many, many people have appreciated the work you have done “lighting the fires of Liberty, one heart at a time”. I am hoping you are able to regain good health & continue living life the way you do where it’s “Good to be King”.

  24. Karen

    Thank You for your brilliant mind and courage as you educated us on what our rights were and were not. Thank You as well for your support for United WE Strike, which looks like it was way too early, but we tried our best. The world will continue to change and hopefully, we’re breaking through the crap, criminals running all politics, in order to find the truth that we’ve long been denied. None of us get out alive, and you will be remembered for your bravery and activism during these challenging times. My dad was somewhat of a Poet Laureate in the small town of Avalon, Catalina Island, Calif. I am enclosing one of his best, and my personal favorite. May your journey home be taken with grace and ease. Thank you for being my friend.
    Karen Quinn-Tostado







    Joseph Thomas Quinn

  25. James Yost

    Thank you for all of the good times. Saling, Camping, hiking, Mystery parties, and just hangout.

  26. Louise Broome

    Oh, my darling. How my heart hurts at the thought of your leaving us. We all love you so very much. I shall never forget what a wonderful brother you have been to me, my dear friend. You were there for me through heartaches and when I had cancer. Thank you. My husband regrets that he has not met you and now never will meet you on this side. He thanks you for the kindness you showed to me before he came into my life. You were always such a gentleman, a wonderful protector and yes, a man of honor! I am blessed to have known you. Love for your journey.

  27. Bobby


    Thanks for sharing your brilliance with the world. Your wisdom, wit and knowledge are unparalleled. I count myself lucky in having the good fortune to have known you and to have received your inspirational thoughts on Liberty. The blessing of the legacy you have built and your name will carry on for generations. Godspeed to you good sir. I love you.

  28. patricia smith

    Dear Michael – a genuine true friend – you have my respect and love – matter of fact, you are BRILLIANT !

  29. Daniel Cook

    I will forever remember you as the President of the Continental Congress. This is when I first became acquainted with you. Your leadership at that historic event was akin to that of our founding fathers. I have taken some of your teachings and infused them into the Constitution classes that I now teach. Specifically, the first line in the Constitution, Article 1, Section 1. The legislative powers herein granted……. key word, GRANTED!!

    In addition to your wisdom about freedom and liberty, I had the pleasure of having a conversation with you over the phone about a year ago. I was hoping that you would join my efforts to hold another election for a new Continental Congress, but you said to me (paraphrasing here…) “Dan, I’ve given so much of my life to the freedom movement, I need to enjoy my last remaining years.”

    I have taken that wisdom to heart as well. Although I sensed a bit of apathy from you, that conversation encouraged me to double down on my efforts to defend our freedoms. Yet at the same time, it gave me pause to reflect on the need for balance when it comes to living my life and defending our Constitutional Republic.

    I hope that whatever is going on with you regarding your health can be reversed and that you will live another ten, twenty, thirty years on this earth. Whatever happens, I am grateful to have been influenced by you and appreciate the bits of wisdom you have shared with me.

    Thank you Mr. President.

  30. Greg Boulden


    I’m honored that our paths have crossed. I am a better person for our conversations over the past few weeks. Recording the podcast to archive your thoughts was an honor. With love, Greg Boulden

    Leaving the links here for those who want to hear him and his spoken thoughts on the Constitution and his life’s work.
    Part 1:

    Part 2:

  31. Ray Ubinge

    Michael you wouldn’t remember me; we met only briefly on your presidential campaign. But IMO you’re our most down-to-earth and relatable nominee ever. Blessings of serenity to you on a life well lived.

  32. teresa

    Memories Abound! The day you literally fell out of the sky at my feet and the look on your face when I impeded your desire to achieve maximum acceleration, of that enormous, UHaul truck!! Apart from being the best instructor I ever met(You can teach anything to anyone) I’ve had so many laughs along the way. I’ve attempted to tell you Thank You so many times over the years but it never does justice for all the investment you infused into my life. Looking forward to making some new memories. Heading your way very soon. Can’t wait to see you my friend!!

  33. Chad

    I love your spirit. You were given a good one. Good to be king is still my favorite book and likely always will be! God speed Michael!

  34. Susan Hogarth

    Love you and wish you the best ?

  35. Howard Blitz

    Thanks Michael for being a great friend, roommate, and teacher to my students.
    It has been and will always be an honor to have had the pleasure of knowing and working with you.
    Your knowledge of the Constitution has given me a tremendous resource to use with the folks I interact with. I can’t thank you enough for all you have done for me and my students. Will remember you always. Thanks my friend.

    Howard Blitz

  36. Rick Campione

    Good day to you Michael…….Your were kind enough to share some things that were going on during our last conversation so I am surprised at this news to say the least. I see a few colleagues also subscribe to MMS and I agree! My nephew and I made enough for about 2 dozen bottles about 3 years ago, please do consider this option my friend.

    Your book on sovereignty was (and is) very, very encouraging. It was your recorded constitutional series from the 90s that enabled me to track you down. I really enjoyed our conversations brother. I have been blessed by your labor of love; that is the teaching and (especially your) living, freedom & liberty to all. Stay strong, pray often, we are here for you.

  37. Jake Porter

    It was your 2004 campaign that got me involved in politics at the age of 16. While we’ve only met twice (Once in 2008 in Kansas City and another in Des Moines in 2010) you and your campaign were the inspiration that got me started.

    Thank you for everything you have done.

  38. Christina

    Damn, this sucks. The world will be a darker place without you. Truly, you are a lamp of truth that shed the light that found me.

    I’m angry and I’m sad.

    You made a difference for so many while you were here.

    Thank you for you.

    With love,
    Christina Gorton

  39. Keith Smith

    Deeply saddened by this news.

    You were only man I ever voted for and your lessons about the constitution helped send me on the path to liberty.

    I’ll see you when I get there. Glad you are at peace.

  40. Richard Grove

    Michael made a difference, to all the right people, in all the right ways.

    His vigor for freedom and inspiring teachings about our rights and our place in this world, were unmatched.

    He will be missed by all whose lives were touched by his wisdom, and for those who have read his books “Good to Be King” and “Philosophical Lighthouse”, among others.

    If you haven’t read those… That’s where he’d want you to dig in, right after reading this.

    The torch of freedom has been handed to us, and it’s our responsibility to keep that flame of liberty alight with the philosophy which makes freedom possible in this world, in the first place.

  41. George Hines

    Michael Badnarik, you were one of the greatest human beings I have ever had the privilege of knowing. I am glad we got to say our goodbye in person. You left this world the same way you lived in it, under your own terms. You gave so much of your life fighting for the freedoms of others its a wonder you had the
    time to accomplish all the amazings things that you did. The world will be a far less wonderful place without you Mike. Thank you for all the hours of deep conversations. Delving into your beautiful mind was one of my greatest treasures. Go in piece my great friend. I love you sir. As you have named me, your second Amendment buddy.

  42. RickfromPaso

    I was shocked and saddened to learn of Michael’s passing. I met Michael at a gun show in Paso Robles many decades ago and became friends. My Wife and I even taught his Mom how to shoot. He was a great bright light of Liberty and will be sorely missed. God’s speed and blessings to your family Michael.

  43. Michael J. Weber

    Michael was a great American, a true patriot.
    I’m very sad to hear of his passing.

  44. Karl Tatgenhorst

    Years ago, I thought I knew the Constitution. I thought I understood liberty and you said “There’s a lot more to it than that.”.

    Like so many others, I asked the question and I sat through a couple of his classes and he was right, I DIDN’T like the answer! He opened my eyes, and sparked a flame like he did with so many others.

    I am sorry that Texas never got the best President they could have ever hoped for. I hope the fires you started continue on for generations.

  45. George Whitfield

    I am sad to hear of Michael Badnarik’s passing. He was an energetic and effective advocate for liberty. I recall his inspiring speech at the Libertarian National Convention in Atlanta in 2004 when he, although not as well known or as well funded as Aaron Russo and Gary Nolan, expressed his views with such freshness and optimism that he made a surprising strong showing in the first two rounds of voting convincing many delegates that he was the right person to nominate. Gary Nolan who had placed third and not permitted to advance to the next round of voting, then endorsed Michael. I later supported Michael in his campaign for Congress in Texas and was impressed by his willingness to hold classes on the US Constitution wherever he could. I was in communication with him last in September 2021 and he told me he was planning to relocate to San Antonio. He also remembered my contributions to his Presidential campaign and I was impressed by his graciousness. May he rest in peace and be honored in our memories as a true fighter for individual freedom and peace.

    • Seth Cohn

      I had the honor of working on the Badnarik campaign with Stephen Gordon (RIP, who went on to work at Project Veritas), and later, hosted Michael here in NH for a Constitutional Class, as well as drove with him to Porcfest one year.

      He was a good man, and honorable, and the world has lost more than it knows.

      See you on the other side, Michael! Farewell for now.

  46. brokenarrownyc


    Can’t thank you enough for all the ‘Hidden Knowledge’ you taught me –
    You made a difference.


  47. Traci Hallon

    You gifted me with knowledge as I face a fight for my very freedom. Looks like I will be sliding into home base covered in dust and bruises and adrenaline, but a hell of a lot wiser and definitely storied. See you on the other side one day captain. I will think of you whenever stare at the stars.

  48. Merilyn

    I am surprised, shocked and saddened by your untimely passing (I rarely read my emails so missed the whole email chain of events until I read them all now), but through my tears I am smiling knowing that where ever you are now, I know you’ll be giving them hell. There is no doubt they will know when you arrived!
    Looking forward to catching up with you on the other side – I’m sure you will have lots of amazing stories to tell, just as you did on this side.
    Merilyn x

  49. Matthew Holmy

    Mama, put my guns in the ground.

    Michael, you taught me The Bill of Rights. and I paid you in silver! And then we had a great dinner.
    I hope we can all pay it forward.

    Thank you Brother.


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