Good to Be King: The Foundation of our Constitutional Freedom




In medieval Europe, only the King could own property.

While lands were often “granted” to nobles, or administered by overseers who might be allowed a percentage of the profits, actual ownership remained exclusively in the hands of one man alone: the King.

When the colonists arrived in the New World, they brought a resentment of that exclusivity with them. When America won her freedom from Great Britain, our Founding Fathers established a nation where any man could own property and have his rights respected. In other words, a land where every man could be a king.

And so we discovered what royals knew from birth: It’s good to be King!

This book was written for Everyman, just as our Constitution was written for us all. It’s an easy-to-understand primer on the civics lessons we should have learned in high school but were never taught. This is your chance to find out what you’ve been missing and why, in America, you are the King.


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