The Cancer Remains – Part 2

Written by Michael Badnarik

Those of us “of a certain age” were subjected to a daily dose of stupidity called “The Three Stooges”. The characters were named “Moe, Curley, and Larry”, but they could also have been labeled “Stupid, Moron, and Brain Dead” respectively. My mother loved us and forbid us from watching it. One of the scenes I remember seeing was the group’s fishing trip. Trying to kill a jumping fish, Larry accidentally chops a large hole in the bottom of the boat with an axe, and water starts gushing in. He is instructed to move to the back of the boat to let the water out. He finds a hand drill – conveniently found in almost every rowboat – and exclaims, “OHH! A water let-er out-er!” He begins drilling holes in the bottom of the boat. If you are smart enough to fog a mirror held under your nose, you probably realize that Larry makes the problem worse instead of better. I offer a photo for your entertainment.

However, if your reaction is “NOBODY could be THAT stupid”, I invite you to watch the two-minute YouTube video.
A Water Let-er Out-er – YouTube
(Before you start to point out the obvious, I acknowledge that this was intended to be “comedy”.
However, when somebody tells me that the world is flat, I want to send them out in a leaky boat with a drill.)

In a newsletter I posted shortly after the November “election” entitled “Tumor removed – but the cancer Remains”, I was attempting to explain that even though an unpopular President was replaced in the White House, presumably “removing the tumor”, the people who were giddy with excitement at the event were the true source of the problem: the “cancer” that caused the problem in the first place. I explicitly wrote, “There are millions of Americans who have voted for and supported Marxist/socialist legislation. They have slowly destroyed this country by ignoring the principles enshrined in the Constitution. They have converted the United States into a communist nation – sometime unintentionally, but often deliberately.” I have little doubt that many of my readers thought I was exaggerating to “prove my theory”. This newsletter is an effort to demonstrate that I wasn’t exaggerating in the slightest.

A few days ago I took this photograph of graffitii on the wall of a local drug store.

Whoever wrote this clearly thinks that Communism will solve the problem. In other words, “a water let-er out-er”. I don’t know what problem they are trying to solve, but the political system they prefer will undoubtedly make the problem much worse. This is why I think Liberals are Brain-Dead.

California is a blatant example. The problem (as they see it) is that some people don’t have enough money. Their solution is to raise taxes (from the people who have money) and give it to people without money. They raise taxes so high, that not even Liberals want to live in California anymore. Many of them are moving to Texas, and voting for the same type of Socialism that caused the problem on the west coast. Austin, Texas is a Liberal stronghold, unfortunately. Do NOT bring your political ideology to Texas! We are about the enact “Constitutional Carry” as our gun policy here. I’m sure you won’t like Texas after September 1st… assuming you live long enough to leave.

Guns are another issue that Liberals have bass-ackward. They want to make people safer, so they make guns illegal. They fail to realize that only “good people” whom you’re not worried about in the first place, will “follow the law” (which is why they are “good people”). Bad people will NOT follow the law, meaning that ONLY BAD PEOPLE WILL HAVE GUNS! Liberals, Brain-Dead as they are, always make the problem worse. We are going make the problem better in Texas. As of September 1st, “Constitutional Carry” will become law again, even though it should never have been outlawed in the first place. I admit that “it will get messy” for a few months, as “bad guys” are sent to their eternal reward. But after six months to a year, all the bad guys will be dead, or they will have been smart enough to have left Texas while they still could. The result is that TEXAS WILL BE A CRIME FREE SOCIETY! Good people are welcome to move here. Liberals should flock to New York or Illinois, instead.

Can I paint a clearer picture than that?

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  1. Kent McManigal

    I’m up on the western edge of the Texas panhandle and every time I go to a largish city in this region, every business already has a “No guns” sign to warn away people with the permits to carry. (I call them “We don’t care if you die!” signs.) So I wonder how much difference the new “constitutional carry” [sic] legislation will really be allowed to make.

    [mjb: After 9/1 my .45 becomes my American Express card. I will never leave home without it.]

    • Jim Paulson

      Like your Right to carry is alive and well so should be a business owner’s choice whether or not to allow armed people in his business. If he goes out of business because enough people decide not to that business, well that sucks for the owner. If his clientele completely changes due to his/her stance on carrying people. so be it. As for you, there are plenty of businesses to choose from and if you’re dead set on using a store with a “No guns allowed” warning, then I guess the right thing to do is respect his/her rights and park your sidearm in the trunk for this stop. Everyone should have the choice. Maybe Mike will chime in on this one – but both Rights are enshrined in Constitution or the Declaration in my view.

      [mjb: You are absolutely correct. And I DO respect private property. If they don’t like my gun, I will find somewhere else to eat. Perhaps in RIFLE, Colorado.]
      (This is the only “push back” about this post, and even then it’s only a “Yeah, but…”)

      • Sam

        I disagree, a store is a public accommodation, they cannot refuse entry in this manner, they cannot violate rights of the sovereign, for many reasons one of which is a religious beliefs, whatever religion that may be. Also, legal illegal, what do these terms mean? Nothing, I don’t require permission to carry or not carry whether open or not, I have my own authority. And in addition, avoiding establishments won’t do much, there are too many libtards who think no should even possess firearms much less bring them into a store or restaurant.

      • Kent McManigal

        “there are plenty of businesses to choose from”
        Nope. There aren’t. Not in this region. And that’s the issue.

  2. CGW

    The problem boils down to the 10th Commandment: thou shalt not covet. Coveting is not merely wanting something someone else has – it is wanting it so badly that one justifies not only taking the thing away from someone else, but also destroying it so NO ONE may have it, if the covet-er cannot have it.

    Scratch the street-level communist/socialist and you will find someone who covets wealth, deeply hates those who have any wealth, refuses to work for wealth themselves, and wants to destroy wealth so that no one else may ever have any. Except (in their own twisted thinking) for themselves, of course. The powerful love communism/socialism, because they get to use other people’s lusts and coveting to both enrich themselves and toy with the lives of those who put them in power – the way a cat toys with a mouse, until it gets bored and rips its head off.

  3. Zach

    The brain dead you speak of were made brain dead by design. I’m getting to a point in my life, because of studying common and natural law, where I dislike making claims, but our public school system IS where it all starts. We were all taught what to think and how to regurgitate information. We were taught how to stay in line. High energy children were punished and children who question, shamed. It has profound, lasting effects on living men and women, to be the person they are told they represent. I have no answers and no remedy for brainwashing.
    California, is full of good people. The powers that be use California as a means to tell the world what the crimes they’re committing are. It’s the city’s that are gone. It’s not just Austin. I’m in Georgetown and can see the city council and manager is fully in bed with the agendists. I see no difference in them and say Adler in Austin. I would be willing to put money on these guys all go to secret meeting together with someone from the CFR.
    One more thing in regards to Kent’s comment. I havent read those signs stores put on the front doors about “no guns” but I’m pretty sure, if they have a buisness of public accomidation, that is a license to conduct business in the public, then they dont have the authority to trample your rights. Not during normal buisness hours. And besides that look into what a person is vs a Man. There isn’t a man made law in history that addresses a Man. They all, all pertain to persons. A person is a fictional character. A Man, only answers to God. No man has a higher authority over another man.

    • James Oliver

      Well said

    • Julie Russell

      Couldn’t agree more ☝🏻 Why aren’t there more people who know the truth and willing to teach it to others, especially the kids so we can raise up a generation of truly free men and women?!?

      [mjb: There are many, many people who have been spreading the word. The problem is that most will stumble over the truth, then pick themselves up, and keep on going. After 30+ years of teaching, I’ve given up. “When I die, Liberty is no longer my problem.” Good luck.]

      • Deanna

        Can you really say you have given up? You ask other to be willing to do something to protect the constitution, but you can give up? Sir, get back in your lane and pick up your flag!

        [mjb: Yes, I really have given up. Where were you during the thirty years I was trying to educate the public? So now you want to join the parade? I’ve stopped asking anyone to do anything. Go back to your day job. It’s too much too little too late. “Get back in my lane”? What’s that? Your version of tough love? If you think you can simply “guilt me” into doing what you want, you are dreamin’, Baby! Find yourself another hero.]

        • Deanna

          Sir? I need no hero, I have God! During the thirty years you were trying to educate others with a call to action I was busy being created.
          “Get back in your lane” is because I teach drivers education. The Lord has obviously given you a path in life. Often I stumble on the same pebble over and over and yes it is defeating. How can I expect others to know the way to me if I never give them my location? You cannot expect others to know what they do not know unless you teach! I do not want to join in anybody’s parade, but I am intelligent enough to do what is right when I have been educated in a subject. Others still need you to teach. I am not offended if you do not believe what I am saying, but pray to your God and discern the truth. It is not about me or you, that’s ego. It is about following Gods plan.

  4. Keep Texas Red

    Well, in Austin there is an abundance of whiners who complain about the homeless problem which is mainly created by failed government policies. The whiners solution? The government “should do something”, and that always seems to include money. Tax money. These people cannot connect the dots that government has no money other than what it forces from the taxpayers.

    St. Louis Housing “Authority” built projects in St. Louis to house low or no income people. What happened with that? Well, since those recipients had no investment in building or maintaining the projects, the residents tore them up to the point that they were torn down. And the graft… Sheesh.

    But hey! This is Austin in 2021 and building free homes for mostly drug addicts is another place and another time. This time it will be great! The whiners say these people NEED free housing, free healthcare, free utilities, free…

    Seems like The Three Stooges in 2021.

  5. Kay

    I think Montana is joining Texas in the Constitutional carry.


    it was a problem in New Hampshire, too. I lived just north of Boston for a few years in Windham. You’d have folks moving up from Boston to get away and vote the same way that they did in Boston. Sometimes when you move, you take your problems with you, and sometimes, you are the source of your problems.

    Thanks again for teaching us the fine points of liberty. I can’t look to many people in my adult life that have shaped my world view. The seeds were there, but you put articulation to the words in my heart.

  7. James Oliver

    We were headed in this direction for at least 240 years. If not more. Who has any agenda greater? Who has any “goal” more self-aggrandizing? Who has had unlimited access to every political wannabe or is now one? And who expects to win in this long..long..long soap opera of life?
    The now deceased Author of Rulers of Evil, now a “banned book” goes into minute and eye-opening details about the person… fictional or real IS and how they have been manipulating through subtle well timed stealth to bring us down to THIS DAY.
    I have no shares of stock in regards to this wonderful book. Enjoy. Thank you Michael for being a steadfast son of God as you Are. Cheers Buddy. Thank you all !

  8. Dee

    I read it, as I have read all your other articles. You know that I am one of your biggest fans. I agree that people that leave one state and take their baggage are a large part of the problem. I do wish to say that despite our trouble with the brain-dead citizens of a small strip of land along our coast here in CA, the rest of us here are determined to courageously stay and save our state. I’m not sure if we have to formulate an earthquake to send that strip into the ocean, or if Mother Nature will allow it to break and sink from the weight of the feces and trash, but when that happens those who have been blaming CA for all their problems will look back to our golden beaches, our beautiful deserts, and stunning mountains and beg to come back…maybe we will let you, but first we will make sure that you know how to “carry”, you understand and respect private property, and the last test will be to see if you understand Liberty if so we will forgive your previous cowardice and welcome you. Michael, you are always welcome.

    [mjb: I lived in California for 11 years. The weather is beautiful, the scenery is gorgeous, and I love the ocean like a mistress. (read “A Tall Ship and a Star to Sail Her By” 1/16/2020) The problem was never “California”. The problem was most of the people I met, and the state legislature that passed 18 anti-gun law in 2 months in early 1997. That why I left.]

  9. Pat Baker

    Michael, I have fought in 17 Other Peoples’ Wars (OPWs) across 22 countries over a 20 year career. What I found was that the everyday people that worked hard and lived on the land all were the same: they are not political, believe in God (just not necessarily the same one I believe in), want the best for their families but do not want the politicians and govt agents telling them what to do, etc.. In other words they are like most of us that can do without the government and the corruption that goes with it. Part of the government that needs to go the way of the Dodo are government run schools.

  10. David Schied

    The call of the Far Left:

  11. Arthur Danu

    Anyone wanting a real glimpse of how COMMUNISTS like to rule once they gain complete power should watch the eye-opening yet horrifying documentary called “IN THE SHADOW OF HERMES” b Juri Lina. You can find it here :

    But as bad as we want to paint the communists out to be, REMEMBER that there would be no communism if it were not for the multi-billion, and then trillion, dollar INVESTMENTS made in that system of oppression by WALL STREET throughout the 20th century!

    In other words, Left vs. Right politics is just a RICH MAN’S GAME meant to divide people against each other, and install a system of FASCIST CONTROL on both sides of the debate. IT WORKED!

  12. Kevin Boucher

    Read in North Austin

  13. Sam

    It is offensive that my right to carry will become a law again, I don’t need a law to give me permission, I already have the right.

    • Sam

      And not only that, but that carry was “illegal” for a time means nothing either, because I always have the right, whether the politicks deem it legal or illegal, these are statutory laws, and they have no value to a sovereign standing under common law. That the scum politicians made it illegal to carry only means that the law is unlawful, anti-rights and unconstitutional and not to be obeyed and never a law in the first place as it violates rights. Its all a delusion that they create in the minds of the people, now we’re allowed, now we’re not allowed–no! Not so, we always have the rights.

  14. Rick W.

    Constitutional Carry hit Tennessee July 1st. I was the former Delegate from Illinois to the Continental Congress of 2009. I did the smart thing and voted with my feet. I now live in Tennessee and carry proudly. [except at Bourbon Committee meetings, when I don’t want to shoot my foot off]. LOL

    [mjb: Very pleased to hear that, Rick. For everyone else, the “Bourbon Committee” was an ad hoc subset of delegates attending the Continental Congress 2009 in St. Charles, Illinois in November of 2009. The only subject debated in that committee was whether or not delegates from other states were insane. It was a very chaotic event that resulted in a very beautiful document called the Articles of Freedom.]


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