The Cooking Magic of Elaine Badnarik

Written by Michael Badnarik

One of the many legacies my mother left my brothers and me were two card catalogs of 3”x5” index cards that she used to create the wide variety of meals that we enjoyed, whether we were at home, or camped out in some remote forest as we visited all forty-eight of the continental United States. She was the “glue” that held our family together, and the wind beneath all of our wings. Naturally, she is dearly missed.

While my mother was alive, she would send me recipes as individual documents, each depicting another 3″x5″ card. I decided that it would be more convenient for me if I compiled her recipes into a single document. I quickly realized that I could create a book that would share many of her recipes with others. The book is finished, and it will be going into print very soon. If you would like a copy, you can purchase one here on the website.

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