Tax Holiday Movement

Written by Michael Badnarik

If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you always got.

Life’s lessons can be so simple to understand, but so difficult to put into practice. Most of us are no longer pursuing happiness. Instead we’re scrambling to pay the rent and put food on the table. American politics is so blatantly corrupt these days, many people who were sitting on the sidelines two years ago are now helping to organize protest rallies for numerous causes. It’s difficult to find someone who’s NOT campaigning for a “true Liberty candidate” these days, and I predict that two million people in Washington D.C. will soon be considered a small rally once the natives get just a little more restless.

Unfortunately I think most people are far behind the Liberty power curve. I think getting out the vote for honest candidates is something we should have been doing thirty years ago. Many people plead with me to run for office again, but I have no desire to waste my time or my supporters money in political contests that are predetermined long before the polls open. I’m often accused of being cynical by those who have recently joined the freedom train. I’ve been doing this for twenty-eight years, and I’ve met many patriots who have been at it longer than me. I’m not saying that we can’t restore Liberty in this country, I just don’t think we can do it with campaign signs and bumper stickers.

For several weeks now I’ve been trying to convince people that what the Liberty movement needs is a “credible threat”. This concept is easily illustrated by the mother who constantly threatens to spank the two year old – but never actually does. Even the toddler is smart enough to know that mother’s scoldings do NOT present a credible (believeable) threat of punishment. Allow me to interject that this was never the case in the Badnarik household while I was growing up. When either of my parents spoke to us about the potential consequences of our actions, we knew that it was an absolute promise. Punishment was swift and inevitable, which meant that it was very rarely necessary. Actual punishment is unnecessary when the intended target BELIEVES that such punishment is forthcoming.

Therein lies our problem. We make phone calls, we write nasty letters, and we occasionally join together in protest groups to express our outrage against “politicians gone wild”. (Hmmm. An interesting concept for video sales. But I digress.) What Americans need is a way to “get the belt” as it were, and to make our legislators believe that we really mean business. The best, non-violent way that I can think of is actively removing our support for the existing system. That’s what the TaxFree15 movement is all about. Here’s what they recommend:

1) NO WORK, NO SCHOOL – When was the last time you played hookie? Many countries, most notably France, participate in nationwide strikes to express their displeasure with various government activities. Commerce comes to a grinding halt during that time which is impossible to ignore, and even more difficult to prevent. Taking your children out of school will not only make your children think you’re “cool”, they may actually learn something during your family field trip.

2) NO SHOPPING, DON’T BUY – This is another passive-agressive action which is guaranteed to capture the attention of corporations and government alike. Simply stock up on all the things you need ahead of time, just like you would if there was a pending snow storm or tropical hurricane. (No need to put plywood on the windows, of course.) Imagine the financial shock wave WalMart would experience if there were more employees than customers for a few days.

3) DON’T COMPLY, TAKE YOUR MONEY – This recommendation will make some people nervous because it challenges their own sense of financial security. Everyone is urged to (almost) empty their bank accounts, or to close their accounts at the BIG banks, relocating them to smaller, neighborhood institutions. My personal recommendation would be to invest in precious metals (gold, silver, and lead) and to stock up on non-perishable food. Anyone who doesn’t know that we’re headed for economic collapse in this country has achived a level of denial I am incapable of comprehending.

4) ASK WHY! – Many of us are already doing this. Question Authority! If you have joined the movement by performing the first three recommendations, your phone calls and letters to your legislators will have a much greater impact. That’s because we’ve collectively found a way to present a credible threat to their continued employment with the government. This means they will be much more receptive to our complaints and recommendations for improvement. As the late Senator Everett Dirkson from Illinois used to say, “When I feel the heat, I see the light.”

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