FIRE (and ashes) SALE

These books are from the private library of Michael Badnarik. They are being sold to pay for my cremation.
Hence… a “Fire (and ashes) Sale”.
Dollar values are the current asking price. Please feel free to eMail a counter-offer.
Send me an eMail with a list of the books you want, and I will create a sale package on my website for you to purchase.
Thank for helping to support my “final vacation”.

Amazing! A huge Thank You to the benefactors who purchased entire categories on The Constitution, Science and Second Amendment. For that I am deeply grateful!

SOLD! 1776
History#1 hardcover:used David McCullough

$40 – After America
History#2 hardcover:like new Mark Steyn

SOLD! Alexander Hamilton: American
History#3 hardcover:like new Richard Brookhiser

$30 – Alger Hiss and the Battle for History
History#4 paperback:new Susan Jacoby

$30 – Assault on the Liberty
History#5 hardcover:old James M. Ennes Jr.

SOLD! Civil War Handbook (The)
History#6 pamphlet:new William H. Price

SOLD! Discovery of Freedom (The)
History#7 paperback:like new Rose Wilder Lane

$10 – F.D.R. My Exploited Father-in-law
History#8 paperback:old Curtis B. Dall

SOLD! Final Judgement: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy
History#9 paperback:like new Michael Collins Piper

SOLD! First Shot – The Lexington Revolutionary Experience
History#10 pamphlet:new Rick Beyer

$50 – Ghost Soldiers
History#11 hardcover:new Hampton Sides

SOLD! In Pursuit of Reason – the Life of Thomas Jefferson
History#12 paperback:good Noble E. Cunningham Jr.

SOLD! JFK and the Unspeakable
History#13 hardcover:like new James W. Douglass

$50 – John Adams
History#14 paperback:warped David McCullough

SOLD! Lexington-Concord Battle Road (The) – Hour by hour account of events
History#15 pamphlet:new Concord Chamber of Commerce

SOLD! Liberty! The American Revolution
History#16 hardcover:new Thomas Fleming

$40 – Lone Star – A History of Texas and the Texans
History#17 paperback:good T.R. Fehrenbach

$30 – Pendulum: How Past Generations Shape Our Present and Predict Our Future
History#18 hardcover:like new Roy H. Williams & Michael R. Drew

$30 – Politically Incorrect Guide to American History (The)
History#19 paperback(#1):like new Thomas Woods

$20 – Politically Incorrect Guide to American History (The)
History#20 paperback(#2):warped Thomas Woods

$40 – Power Faith & Fantasy – America in the Middle East 1776 to Present
History#21 paperback:like new Michael B. Oren

SOLD! Progressive Era (The)
History#22 paperback:new Murray N. Rothbard

$50 – Rise and Fall of the Third Reich (The)
History#23 paperback:good William L. Shirer

$30 – Rodeo Austin
History#24 hardcover:new Liz Carmack

$15 – Texas Constitution (January 2000)
History#25 spiral bound:used Texas Legislative Council

SOLD! Thomas Jefferson: Genius of Liberty
History#26 hardcover:like new Viking Studio

SOLD! Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello
History#27 hardcover:like new Thomas Jefferson Foundation

SOLD! Triumph of Liberty (The)
History#28 hardcover:new Jim Powell

$30 – Washington’s Crossing
History#29 paperback:like new David Hackett Fischer

SOLD! We Interrupt this Broadcast
History#30 hardcover:like new (w/ 2 CDs) Joe Garner

$40 – 16th Amendment Reliance Package (The Law That Never Was)
Government#1 spiral bound:like new Constitutional Research Associates

$10 – ABC of Socialism (The)
Government#2 pamphlet:like new Abbie Bakan

$15 – America Deceived: Holocaust in America begins
Government#3 paperback:like new E.A. Blayre III

$15 – An American Patriot Manifesto
Government#4 paperback:like new Dave Batcheller

$40 – Ballad of Carl Drega (The)
Government#5 paperback:like new (autographed) Vin Suprynowicz

$15 – Becoming Your Own Banker
Government#6 paperback:like new R. Nelson Nash

$25 – Behold a Pale Horse
Government#7 paperback:like new William Cooper

$10 – Bulletproof Privacy
Government#8 paperback:like new Boston T. Party

$20 – Communist Manifesto (The)
Government#9 hardcover:like new Karl Marx & Frederick Engles

SOLD! Conspirators Hierarchy
Government#10 paperback:used Dr. John Coleman

$20 – CONstitution that never was (The)
Government#11 paperback:good(highlighted) Ralph Boryszewski

SOLD! Constitutional “Homeland Security”
Government#12 paperback(#1):good Edwin Vieira Jr.

$15 – Constitutional “Homeland Security”
Government#13 paperback(#2):used(annotated) Edwin Vieira Jr.

$30 – Constitutional Journal: Report from the Convention of 1787
Government#14 hardcover:like new Jeffery St. John

$20 – Cracking the Code
Government#15 paperback:good Pete Hendrickson

SOLD! Creature from Jekyll Island (The)
Government#16 paperback(#1):good(autographed) G. Edward Griffin

$30 – Creature from Jekyll Island (The)
Government#17 paperback(#2):warped G. Edward Griffin

$20 – Don’t Hurt People and Don’t Take Their Stuff
Government#18 hardcover:like new Matt Kibbe

$20 – End of America (The)
Government#19 paperback:good Naomi Wolf

SOLD! Federal Reserve Conspiracy (The)
Government#20 paperback:good Antony Sutton

$30 – Final Move Beyond Iraq (The)
Government#21 paperback:like new Mike Evans

$20 – Flourish: An Alternative to Government and other Hierarchies
Government#22 paperback:like new Bob Podolsky w/ Clyde Cleveland & Thomas Costanzo

$30 – Foundations of Democracy: Authority/Privacy/Responsibility/Justice
Government#23 paperback:new Center for Civic Education

$40 – Fruit From a Poisonous Tree
Government#24 paperback:new Mel Stamper JD.

$30 – Give Me Liberty
Government#25 paperback:good Naomi Wolf

SOLD! Hacked! High Tech Election Theft in America
Government#26 paperback:like new(autographed) Vickie Karp

$30 – Healing Our World in an Age of Agression
Government#27 paperback:like new(autographed) Dr. Mary J. Ruwart

SOLD! Inflation Deception (The)
Government#28 paperback:new Craig R. Smith

$20 – IRS Humbug: IRS Weapons of Enslavement
Government#29 hardcover:like new Frank Kowalik

SOLD! Law That Never Was (The) – Fraud of the 16th Amendment Volume 1 of 2
Government#30 hardcover:like new Bill Benson

$30 – Let’s Abolish Government
Government#31 paperback:like new Lysander Spooner

$20 – Liberty Dollar (The): American Inflation Proof Currency
Government#32 paperback:like new(autographed) Bernard von NotHaus

SOLD! Liberty Dollar Solution to the Federal Reserve (The)
Government#33 hardcover:like new(autographed) Bernard von NotHaus

$20 – Liberty Dollar Solution to the Federal Reserve (The)
Government#34 paperback(#1):like new(autographed) Bernard von NotHaus

$20 – Liberty Dollar Solution to the Federal Reserve (The)
Government#35 paperback(#2):like new(autographed) Bernard von NotHaus

$20 – Liberty Dollar Solution to the Federal Reserve (The)
Government#36 paperback(#3):like new(autographed) Bernard von NotHaus

SOLD! Lost Rights
Government#37 paperback:warped James Bovard

$15 – Money: Defending your Prosperity II
Government#38 paperback:like new Kirk MacKenzie

$15 – Nine Comentaries of the Communist Party
Government#39 paperback:like new The Epoch Times

$20 – No Spin Zone (The)
Government#40 hardcover:warped Bill O’Reilly

$20 – On the Horns of the Beast: Federal Reserve & the New World Order
Government#41 spiral bound:like new Bill Still

$20 – Our American Government
Government#42 paperback:like new 108th Congress

$10 – Our Enemy the State (Albert J. Nock)
Government#43 paperback:like new Fox & Wilkes

$20 – Plane Truth (The) – From an American Airlines Flight Attendant
Government#44 paperback:like new Alicia Lutz-Rolow

SOLD! Politics of Obedience (The): The Discourse of Voluntary Servitude
Government#45 pamphlet:like new Etienne de La Boetie

$30 – Real Crash (The)
Government#46 hardcover:new Peter D. Schiff

$20 – Rebirth of America (The)
Government#47 paperback:used Arthur S. DeMoss Foundation

$30 – Sovereign American’s Handbook
Government#48 spiral bound:like new Johnny Liberty

$30 – Spychips
Government#49 hardcover:good Albrecht & McIntyre

$50 – State of Texas is a Liar (The)
Government#50 paperback:good Daniel Schinzing

$30 – Sustainable
Government#51 paperback(#1):like new(autographed) Tom DeWeese

$30 – Sustainable
Government#52 paperback(#2):like new(autographed) Tom DeWeese

$30 – Sustainable
Government#53 paperback(#3):like new(autographed) Tom DeWeese

$30 – The Late Great USA: The Coming Merger with Mexico and Canada
Government#54 hardcover:good Jerome R. Corsi Ph.D.

$25 – This Land is Our Land: How to end the war on private property
Government#55 hardcover:like new Richard Pombo & Joseph Farah

$20 – To Save America: How to Prevent Our Coming Federal Bankruptcy
Government#56 paperback:good Martin L. Buchanan

$20 – True Story of the Bilderberg Group (The)
Government#57 paperback:warped Estulin

$30 – Voices of the Tea Party
Government#58 paperback:good Steve Ference

$20 – Who’s Who of the Elite (Bilderbergs/CFR/Trilateral)
Government#59 paperback:like new Robert Gaylon Ross Sr.

$40 – Buck Act (The) – Title 4 USC
Law#1 spiral bound:like new (unknown)

$20 – But Officer… What Everyone Should Know About Traffic Tickets
Law#2 spiral bound:like new Tom Price & John Rizzo (former judges)

$300 – Common Law and Statutory Law – Volume 1 & 2
Law#3 paperback:new Blackstone Institute 1914

$10 – Common Law Community Training Manual
Law#4 pamphlet:new International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (Brussels)

$15 – Common Law of the united states of America (The)
Law#5 paperback:good(highlighted) Jerry Henson

$20 – Court Documentation & Procedures – Travel
Law#6 spiral bound:good Johnny Liberty

$20 – Extraordinary Legal Results
Law#7 stapled pages:like new Robert Fox

$20 – General Affidavits & Identity Package
Law#8 spiral bound:good Johnny Liberty

$15 – Hardball: Opening & Closing Arguments for Pro-se Criminal Defendants
Law#9 pamphlet:like new Harvey Wysong

$15 – Law (The)
Law#10 paperback:like new Frederic Bastiat

$40 – Looking at the Law
Law#11 hardcover:old Neil Chayet

$20 – Sample Affidavits – 28 USC @ 1746
Law#12 stapled pages:like new Shedrick Richardson

$50 – Title 42 Seminar (300 pages?)
Law#13 binder clipped pages:like new Ollie Paulson

$200 – Travel as of Right (3 volumes / 1,000 pages)
Law#14 spiral bound:like new (unknown)

$20 – Working with the Law
Law#15 paperback:used Raymond Holliwell

$20 – Conscious Universe (The)
Philosophy#1 paperback:like new Menas Kafatos & Robert Nadeau

$25 – Elemental Mind: Human Consciousness and the New Physics
Philosophy#2 hardcover:new Nick Herbert

$40 – ENVY – A Theory of Social Behavior
Philosophy#3 paperback:new Helmut Schoeck

$30 – God Delusion (The)
Philosophy#4 paperback:new Richard Dawkins

$20 – How to Hear the Voice of God
Philosophy#5 paperback:like new(autographed) Susan Shumsky DD

$15 – Losing Our Religion
Philosophy#6 paperback:warped S.E. Cupp

SOLD! Mere Christianity
Philosophy#7 hardcover:new C.S. Lewis

$15 – Mere Christianity
Philosophy#8 paperback:like new C.S. Lewis

$30 – Moral Landscape (The) – How Science Can Determine Human Values
Philosophy#9 hardcover:like new Sam Harris

$20 – Philosophy: Who Needs It?
Philosophy#10 paperback(#1):good Ayn Rand

$20 – Philosophy: Who Needs It?
Philosophy#11 paperback(#2):good Ayn Rand

$20 – Power vs Force: An Anatomy of Consciousness
Philosophy#12 hardcover:good David R. Hawkins MD.

$20 – Power vs Force: An Anatomy of Consciousness
Philosophy#13 paperback:like new David R. Hawkins MD.

SOLD! Silva Mind Control Method (The)
Philosophy#14 paperback:used Jose Silva

$30 – Six Pillars of Self-Esteem (The)
Philosophy#15 paperback:good Nathaniel Brandon

$20 – Wildest Colts Make the Best Horses (The)
Philosophy#16 paperback:like new(autographed) John Breeding Phd

$30 – The Nature of Healing
Health#1 paperback:like new Rosanne Lindsey ND. MA.

$20 – Unlock the Power to Heal
Health#2 paperback:good(autographed) Robert Scott Bell & Ty M. Bollinger

$30 – Super Immunity
Health#3 paperback:like new Joel Fuhrman MD.

$20 – Over The Counter Natural Cures
Health#4 paperback:good Shane Ellison M.S.

$30 – Natural Cures for Hight Blood Pressure
Health#5 paperback:like new Dr. Cass Ingram

$20 – Why Animals Don’t Get Heart Attacks – But People Do
Health#6 paperback:like new Matthias Rath MD.

$40 – How Not to Die
Health#7 paperback:new Michael Greger MD.

$30 – Atlas Snubbed
Fiction#1 paperback:warped Ken Krawchuk

$40 – Black Arrow (The)
Fiction#2 hardcover:like new Vin Suprynowicz

$30 – Dead Zero – a Bob Lee Swagger novel
Fiction#3 hardcover:new Stephen Hunter

$30 – ERASE – A Political Thriller
Fiction#4 paperback:new Tom DeWeese

$20 – Flight of the Black Swan
Fiction#5 paperback:like new Marilyn Macgruder Barnewall

$20 – When the Swan’s Neck Breaks
Fiction#6 paperback:good(autographed) Marilyn Macgruder Barnewall

$20 – Illusions
Fiction#7 hardcover(#1):good(autographed) Richard Bach

$20 – Illusions
Fiction#8 hardcover(#2):used Richard Bach

$10 – Illusions
Fiction#9 paperback:good Richard Bach

$10 – Messiah’s Handbook
Fiction#10 hardcover:like new Richard Bach

$20 – Leonidas of Sparta – a Boy of the Agoge
Fiction#11 paperback:like new(autographed) Helena P. Schrader

$20 – Letters from the Earth
Fiction#12 paperback:good Mark Twain

$20 – The Old Man and the Sea
Fiction#13 paperback:used Ernest Hemmingway

$30 – The Rattler’s Revenge – Barbarians Inside the Gates
Fiction#14 hardcover:good Donn de Grand Pre

$20 – Shantaram
Fiction#15 paperback:like new Gregory David Roberts

$20 – Agile Retrospectives
Business#1 paperback:new Esther Derby & Diana Larsen

$10 – Certified ScrumMaster Workshop
Business#2 paperback:used Tamara Runyon CST

$20 – Elements of Scrum (The)
Business#3 paperback:new Chris Sims & Hillary Louise Johnson

$20 – Everyday Guide to Success (The)
Business#4 paperback:good Pamela McQuade

$20 – HTML & XHTML: The Definitive Guide
Business#5 paperback:warped Chuck Musciano & Bill Kennedy

$30 – HTML Sourcebook
Business#6 paperback:like new Ian S. Graham

$20 – Lean from the Trenches
Business#7 paperback:new Henrik Kniberg

$40 – Lean Startup (The)
Business#8 hardcover:new Eric Ries

$30 – Test Driven Development
Business#9 paperback:new Kent Beck

$40 – Sail Power
Sailing#1 paperback:old Wallace Ross

$20 – An American Sailor’s Treasury
Sailing#2 hardcover:good Frank Shay

$20 – Shanties from the Seven Seas
Sailing#3 paperback:good Stan Hugill

$20 – sailing: A Sailor’s Dictionary
Sailing#4 paperback:good Henry Beard & Roy McKie

$10 – Reed’s Nautical Almanac: West Coast – 2000
Sailing#5 paperback:used

$20 – Children of Liberty
miscellaneous#1 paperback:good Jeff Barnes

$15 – Damn Particles! (cartoons on physics)
miscellaneous#2 paperback:new Sidney Harris

$10 – Disclosure 101
miscellaneous#3 paperback:like new Anna Von Reitz

$20 – Endurance: Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage
miscellaneous#4 paperback:like new Alfred Lansing

$15 – Eureka! Details to Follow (cartoons on chemistry)
miscellaneous#5 paperback:new Sidney Harris

$30 – Go West: The Risk and the Reward
miscellaneous#6 hardcover:new Range Conservation Foundation

$20 – I Always Look Up the Word E-gre-gious
miscellaneous#7 hardcover:used Maxwell Nurnberg

$50 – I Am American (And So Can You!)
miscellaneous#8 hardcover:like new Stephen Colbert

SOLD! Life After Google
miscellaneous#9 hardcover:new(autographed) George Gilder

$30 – Novus Ordo Seclorum
miscellaneous#10 paperback:good Forest McDonald

$20 – Sands of Time
miscellaneous#11 paperback:like new(autographed) Sean-David Morton

$20 – Sands of Time – Volume 2
miscellaneous#12 paperback:like new(autographed) Sean-David Morton

$15 – Sky-diving: dictionary for the novice – the sky god – and miscellaneous followers of the sport
miscellaneous#13 paperback:good Bill FitxSimons

$30 – Technocracy Rising
miscellaneous#14 paperback:like new Patrick M. Wood

$20 – The Secret Terrorists
miscellaneous#15 pamphlet:good Bill Hughes

$40 – They Fired the First Shot – 2012
miscellaneous#16 paperback:shrink-wrapped a friend of Medjugorje

$10 – Together We Stand Alone
miscellaneous#17 paperback:used Michael J. Bainton Phd

Returned to Original Owner: Unintended Consequences
miscellaneous#18 hardcover:shrink-wrapped John Ross

$350 – Unintended Consequences
miscellaneous#19 hardcover:good John Ross