Continental Congress and Articles of Freedom

Written by Michael Badnarik

From November 11th to the 22nd I participated in a gathering of patriots from all across the country. The event was called Continental Congress 2009, and was initiated by Bob Schulz of We the People Foundation for the purpose of recording many of the government’s violations of the Constitution, and to recommend actions to fix these problems. One hundred sixteen delegates from forty-eight states gathered in St. Charles, Illinois at the Pheasant Run resort. They honored my by electing me president of the meeting, and the delegates promptly went to work, often until 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning. Several subcommittes were formed to address individual topics, and the reports brought back to the Congress were subsequently voted on and approved.

Never before have I seen such a large collection of dedicated patriots working selflessly to promote Liberty, and restore our Constitutoinal republic. It was hard work, but the resulting document is a masterful thing of beauty known as the Articles of Freedom. It was the hope of the delegates that Americans across the country would read the Articles, and join together to make peaceful but fundamental changes to the way our government currently operates.

Unfortunately there has been some discord between some of the former delegates debating which of several versions of the Articles of Freedom are the “official version”. As the president of this body I have labored to remain neutral in this debate, and I suggest that any of the versions you find on the internet will significantly improve the public’s understanding of the problems, and therefore make the solutions to those problems more likely to occur. I hope that you will ignore rumors and ad hominem attacks that may result from the passionate differences of opinion that exist. I urge you to do what you can to share the Articles of Freedom with your family and friends.

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